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Through years of clinical experience, we have developed a compassionate and insightful way to treat people’s mental health suffering, trauma pain, general discontent, personal growth, and relationship issues. Clients report this approach to be very comfortable and helpful.

While therapy is the primary service offered, we also offer groups/retreats from time to time.

Online Session

While it is typically best to meet in person, online sessions are available for residents of Alberta. This can be a useful option for people whom may live in remote locations, have mobility limitations, or existing clients that have something come up that requires them to be home on the day of the appointment.  Online sessions require the participant to have a device or PC with a camera and sound. Your therapists will contact you prior to your appointment to clarify which online platform will be used (Jane,, Zoom, etc). Please note that while every effort is made to protect your confidentiality it cannot be guaranteed in the same manner as a typical face-to-face session. Email to learn more if you are interested in online therapy.


Psychological and counselling supervision services are available to colleagues and trainees as a per request basis. Please contact us directly with these requests.

Outdoor Counselling Sessions

Counselling sessions are also offered in an outdoor, nature-based environment during warmer (summer) months as well as in the traditional office setting. This service is available to ongoing clients who have had at least one initial session at the regular office. A set meeting place is agreed upon ahead of time and then a short walk/hike into the green-space selected. Please note this is weather dependent and low risk (easy terrain). Typically 75 minute sessions are suggested. No washrooms are available on site.


We also offer psycho-educational groups on the following topics (please note if no dates are listed beside the group then there are no scheduled upcoming groups planned at this time. Groups are available on request for small groups or retreats):

Becoming a Wholehearted Man: Running Fall 2019

All human beings, including men have feelings (including sadness and fear), as well as needs (such as to be connected and belong), however many men struggle with how to experience and express such things without feeling less-than. This course is aimed at aiding men to connect with each other, understand themselves better, and be more well-rounded (or wholehearted) in their own selves as a man while not sacrificing their masculinity. A Five week (1x/week) course with a potential follow-up weekend retreat afterwards.


5 week Series: Oct. 30, Nov. 6, 13, 20, & 27th – 7:00-8:30 PM


$599.00 for Full 5 week Series


Email or clink link below to register. Space limited.

The Science of Love & Conflict

A five week (1x/week) couples group aimed at understanding and reducing the things we all do (to some extent) that are linked to divorce, and building up the things we can do that are linked to healthy, happy, stable relationships.

Understanding Love and Conflict

A five week (1x/week) couples group aimed at helping couples understand their underlying patterns that lead to conflict and then to learn to avoid these unhelpful patterns they can get stuck in. Next they will then learn to use helpful ways to communicate to bring each other closer. It is recommended (but not necessary) that they attend the Part 1 Couples Group prior.

The Science of Happiness and Fulfillment

A new field, named positive psychology, has recently emerged and provided many exciting findings and information about the age-old question: how can we be happy? This group focused on sharing and exploring these findings in a group setting. This includes discussion and exercises. A five week (1x/week) course. Also available in modified content to corporations or presentations.

Knowing Love

This is an in-depth course for both couples and individuals interested in learning the knowledge, skills and patterns that will improve their romantic relationships. The information and practices in this course are grounded in scientific research and clinical best-practices.

After becoming frustrated that the information that would most benefit people was not actually getting to them (in the sea of opinions and self-claimed experts), this course was created. It’s intended to give people the best proven tools to prosper in this important and tricky thing called love. A 1x/weekly group. 10 week commitment required.


There are no scheduled retreats at this time.

Do you want to feel closer to your partner? Are you feeling disconnected from them or your relationship? Is there conflict or distance that is hurting you both? Or perhaps you want to strengthen your relationship even more that it already is?

The Hold Me Tight weekend workshop is an educational, 2-day course that helps couples identify common underlying negative patterns in their relationship, build new positive patterns, and deepen their connection. It was created by Sue Johnson, and is based of her best selling book Hold Me Tight. Please note this is an educational course solely, not group therapy. All types of couples welcome.

Dates: TBA
Location: Calgary, AB (specific location TBA)
Cost: TBA/per couple | Early bird price: TBA
Register: TBA

Do you feel like there is more to you as a man than you’re often allowed to display? Do you wish you had closer connections to other men, but struggle to create this? Perhaps you are in your own personal exploration and growth.

Man Camp is a 2 day weekend workshop aimed at bringing men together to explore, learn, and discuss what it means to be a whole hearted man. Topics such as relationships, emotions, vulnerability, and healthy masculinity are tackled. This course is meant to help men learn about the parts of their lives that have too often not been talked about, or at least not in a helpful manner.  These discussions occur in a safe, respectful manner towards all groups of people. This is meant as a safe way for men to deepen into their own experience, not to minimize any other people or groups. All men are welcome regardless of sexual orientation.  Please note that while the course is called Man Camp, there is not actual camping involved, it runs during daytime hours only on both days.

Dates: TBA
Location: Canmore, AB
Cost: TBA/person
Register: TBA

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns or to request a personalized training.

Speaking/Corporate Events

Please email us directly to inquire about speaking or corporate training engagements.

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