Lyuda Krupin

Counselling Adults, Families & Teens
Specialty Areas: Anxiety, Depression, Women’s Issues, Addiction, Stress/Unhappiness, Relationships, Personal Growth, Self-worth

Lyuda Krupin

What all the people I have encountered have taught me, is that when shared in a safe and non-judgmental space, somehow even the most painful and difficult experiences become possibilities for growth.

Lyuda Krupin, MA, R. Psych

Registered Psychologist

Growing up in Russia and educated in Canada, I have had the pleasure of volunteering at the Immigrant Center where culturally diverse and unique stories have guided me into my counselling work. Initially working with individuals of various physical, psychological, emotional and mental needs, learning about the meaning of life and finding resilience in the most difficult circumstances.

While finishing my graduate degree, my life brought me to the world of addictions treatment and while I loved the work, circumstances pulled me further into the broad mental health generalist role, where I now work for AHS. Over time, trauma work to be my focus and area of curiosity and continuous professional growth. Utilizing body, attachment and EMDR approaches, with various modalities coming before those in my training, my main aspiration is to speak the same language as those I come in contact with. I aim to help tolerate and integrate what is painful in order to learn, heal and possibly even reclaim personal power through this experience.

I feel my role is to help in understanding the unique experience of each person, couple or family unit and from that, new possibilities become available. My hope is that this journey has prepared me to help your unique and specific needs and to embark on the journey of life worth living.

I have also spent time working with the elderly and absolutely fell in love with their wisdoms and great experiences in all walks of life.