Julie Li

Counselling Adults & Couples
Specialty Areas: Depression, Anxiety, Stress/Unhappiness, Relationship Issues, Health Concerns

I wish to be a witness of the dark weights in your life, a listener to understand your hidden tears, a support for your never-ending efforts, and a companion in your journey of fear, self-doubt, uncertainty, and confusion.

Xiaomiao (Julie) Li,

Registered Psychologist

I worked at a mental hospital in China for three years and received four years of extensive clinical psychology training in Canada. I have worked with clients with a variety of mental and health concerns in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric units, and health-related (cancer, cardiac and neurological disease) clinics and rehabilitation centres. The life challenges everyone encounters may be different, but through the different challenges, what I always see unchanged is people’s sincere wishes to be seen, heard, and treated well, and their wisdom and resilience shining through their paths to be happy, connected and loved.

I also wish to be a messenger to bring the collective wisdom in the field of psychology to your life, to facilitate your exploration of your inner strengths, freedom, and softness to yourself and to others. I adopt an integrative approach in my practice, including cognitive-behavioral, problem-solving, acceptance-commitment, and emotional-focused approaches.

I grew up in China and came to Canada in 2015. I feel honored to have the opportunity to learn things from different cultures, from people with distinct backgrounds, and to learn how to understand people and think things from a more comprehensive perspective. I speak Mandarin fluently so I offer sessions in Mandarin if needed (or preferred). In my free time, I love to cook, paint, take walks in nature, and spend time with family and friends.
I am supervised by Dr. Keith S. Dobson (Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Calgary; President of the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies 2018-2019).

Julie Li