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3 Ways to Help Couples Build Sexual Safety after Trauma: Sexual trauma often complicates sex for couples.

The Perils of Texting: We fall into this trap every day. Texting is a limited form of conversation prone to misunderstandings and negative bias.

5 Key Markers of Depression and Anxiety Information sourced and adapted from Dr. Michael Yapko 1. Internal Orientation Making use of your …

The Constellation. What we tend to do as human beings is we draw a constellation with those stars by grouping and connecting them. Once our constellation is finished we point to it and we say, "There. That's me. That's my life." 

Momentum is Greater than Motivation. Many of my clients have been speaking about the difficulties of finding the motivation to do something, anything, even if it's something we know we're supposed to do or would even enjoy doing.

As we emerge from the lockdown it's likely that we will be experiencing some form of anxiety as we start to come out of this.

It has been a brutally hard winter for us. The days were dark, and the temperatures were frigid. Coronavirus numbers gradually decreased as we endured our longest lockdown.

Adversities in life are like the air, as long as we breathe, we have them. So what can we do about them?